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Hello ! Wise Team in imagine cup 2012

Assalam Allaykum, PEACE BE UPON YOU,

Welcome to WiseTeam Blog.

Wise Team from TUNISIA will particpate in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012, members of team are:

  • BELHAJ ALI Slimen
  • JAAOUANE Yassine
  • OUEDERNI Mohamed
  • OUESLATI Marouen
  • Mr ROMDHANI Mohamed as Mentor

We think that Participate in Microsoft Imagine Cup competition is a nice experience that will develop and sharpen our skills, motivate us to aspire for the best.

For us, it is important to participate and undergo this experience to grow and transcend.

Microsoft Imagine Cup competition is our opportunity to use our imagination and passion to create real-world applications and solutions that can help make the world a better place.

WiseTeam is seeking to be among the Top Three in the world finals of the competition.

Soooon, we will share our idea here in the blog ..

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